88. What If My House Won’t Sell During A Divorce in Crystal MN?

Are you trying to sell a home during a divorce? If so, you may be wondering, “what if my house won’t sell?”. Well, that’s a good question to ask. With the stakes being as high as they usually are during divorces, it’s likely that you won’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the sale of your property at this time. Because a longer home sale timeline, or not being able to sell your house at all, will likely mean more time spent hashing it out with your ex-spouse in court.

In addition to this, divorces are generally challenging situations: they’re complicated, they’re expensive, they’re time-consuming, and emotions often run high. As such, it can sometimes be very difficult to think clearly during a divorce. However, in all that chaos, you’ll still need to determine what happens to your house during the divorce. And if you’d like for you and your ex-spouse to split the sales profit and move on with your lives, you’ll need to sell that house. The Faster, the Better. But what if your house won’t sell? If you’re going through a divorce and wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Crystal?” then here’s what to do…

In this blog, we will provide you with a few key tips that are sure to speed up your home sale during a divorce in Crystal MN. For more information on selling your house during a divorce, read our post on Options When Selling Your House During a Divorce in Fridley MN At Such An Emotional Time.

Tips For Selling Your House During a Divorce in Crystal MN

Read on to discover the top tips and tricks for selling your house fast whilst going through a divorce in Crystal MN.

Section 1: Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling During Divorce

Below, we are going to expand on some of the challenges that people face when selling houses during a divorce.

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Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your house might not be selling. Some of these reasons may also be out of your control. These include negative factors that are related to changes in market conditions, or the time of year when you’ve decided to sell. However, there are also many other reasons why your house may not be selling, that are in your control — for example, maybe your house needs repairs, or its curb appeal could do with some work. These are reasons that you can fix.

This Delay Adds To The Problem!

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If the house is not selling as quickly as you’d like, this just adds to the problem. Ultimately, a house can end up costing you more in holding costs, than in anything else. The longer your house remains on the market will mean more — bills and taxes and mortgage payments, as well as additional attorney’s fees.

Simply put, you might be hoping to get a high price for your house by keeping it on the open market for long. However, when you’ve factored in all of these added costs that will only increase over time, you’ll see that your actually losing money.

Fortunately, there’s another option…

Section 2: Sell your House Directly to FastPath Home Buyers

Below, we are going to show you how selling directly to FastPath can be a great strategy if you’re going through a divorce.

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Here’s an effective strategy for people who are trying to sell their houses during a divorce — instead of listing your house with an agent (which typically takes 3-6 months), sell your house directly to our company, FastPath Home Buyers. As real estate buyers, we may not always be able to pay the market price for a house… but many divorcing people realize that holding out for a higher price can actually be a costly strategy once you factor in repair costs, advertising costs, holding costs, closing costs, and your agent’s commission (which can sometimes be thousands of dollars).

If you’re looking to sell faster during divorce, consider reaching out to our company for a direct sale. We buy houses in Crystal MN and throughout the greater state of Minnesota. At FastPath Home Buyers, we can provide you with an All Cash Offer that we are prepared to close on in as little as 7 days.

Simply call us at (612) 351-2384, or fill out the short form below, and we’ll get back to you with the Highest Possible Offer we can give. After that, you’re not obligated to close on the deal… so it couldn’t hurt to have another offer while selling your house. For more information on the subject of divorce, read our blog that expands on Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Minneapolis MN.

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