43. 5 Reasons Why We Buy Houses in Richfield MN

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Have you ever seen our company’s “We buy houses in Richfield, and throughout Minnesota” Ads? Or have you ever read one of our blogs that focus on how we offer a quick and easy alternative for local homeowners to sell their houses? Well, if you have and also happen to be interested in what we do, it’s highly likely that you’ve considered contacting our company and letting us buy your house.

However, those considerations may have come to a grinding halt when you stopped for a minute and thought to yourself, “Wait… Who are FastPath Home Buyers and why do they do what they do.” If so, great instincts. These days, you can never be too careful about who you trust when it comes to people you meet on the internet. With online scammers on the rise, it’s becoming ever more important for regular people like you and me to make sure that we do our homework well before contacting company’s online for potential home sales. This will help you better pick up the signs that your cash home buyer is a scammer before it’s too late.

Part of this research includes finding out why a company does what it does. Understanding this will help better determine who they are ethically and morally. In this blog, we are going to help you understand our company, FastPath Home Buyers, a little better and expand on why we buy houses in Richfield MN. This should help you understand both our code of conduct and our business model a little better. So without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons why we buy houses in Richfield at FastPath Home Buyers.

Top Reasons Why We Buy Houses in Richfield MN

Read on to discover some of the top reasons why we buy houses in Richfield MN.

1. We Identify Your Needs When You Sell Your House

At FastPath, we’re committed to helping you find the best way to sell your house in Richfield MN

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As with anything else in the world, unscrupulous people will find a way to take advantage of any situation and make money, without caring who they hurt in the process. This is where we step in. Here at FastPath Home Buyers, we provide a safe environment for any motivated house sellers who require a helping hand in order to get out of a difficult situation. Whether you are going through a tough divorce, you are facing foreclosure, or you would simply just like to get that property that needs a million repairs out from under you, we can help!

Now you may be wondering, why should you trust us? Well, that’s a simple question to answer. At FastPath Home Buyers ( unlike a lot of our local home buying investors), we take the time to listen to each individual situation. If working with a real estate agent or listing your home for sale by owner is a better option for your situation, we will guide you onto that path. We are not simply looking to make a profit, but truly help all the members of our Minnesota community. In addition to this, we also offer motivated home sellers quite a few advantages when selling their Minneapolis area houses, such as quick closing and zero fees/expenses.

Overall, we sleep better at night knowing that there is a reliable company offering this service and that the public can rely on us. This is one of the main reasons why we buy houses in Richfield.

2. We Buy Houses to Renovate/Remodel Them

At FastPath, we’d love to buy your house so that we can remodel/renovate and sell it to a new family.

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This one is a lot simpler. We love fixing up houses! While revamping properties is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, it most certainly is ours! Where others may only see hard work and a bottomless pit of expenses when they look at a run-down property, our team sees potential. Because of this, it is simply an adventure when we transform a rundown property into a beautiful new house. And that’s why we allow local homeowners to sell their houses to us without repairs.

Over time, we have built long-term relationships, assembling teams of the most qualified professionals in the construction industry. These master craftsmen work side-by-side with our time; they help us bring out the true beauty that is hidden in any “As-Is” property we purchase. We get satisfied when the families we then sell our revamped houses to enjoy the fruits of our labour. It is pleasing when two sets of people ( a struggling home seller looking to get rid of his/her house, and a new family looking to buy the perfect home for their little toddlers) that would have otherwise been desperate in our current turbulent real estate market, walk away happy.

3. We Buy Houses Fast in the Shortest Time Frame Possible

At FastPath, we offer a method for local homeowners to sell their houses fast in Richfield MN.

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For home owners who are facing pressing deadlines, FastPath Home Buyers offers a definite closing date within a decidedly short time frame. There are many instances when we’ve averted personal financial ruin for our home sellers. At times by mere days, we have stepped in just in the nick of time and taken on someones financial burden. Knowing we make a difference in other’s lives is a constant motivation, as we buy houses in Richfield.

However, even for those that may not be fighting against the clock, many still suffer from the fact that with a traditional listing, the unknown timeline means that your bills will continue despite your budgetary restrictions. When considering a fair purchase price, don’t forget to factor in these expenses and subtract them from the bottom line. If you have listed your property as ” For sale by owner” ( FSBO), you will also want to deduct the outlay for marketing and home advertisement. Add these to the grand total of how much it will cost to sell your house with an agent. All these added stresses and expenses are why it is best to work with us.

4. We Make it Easy For Local Homeowners to Sell Their Houses

At FastPath, it’s our mission to provide an easier home sale alternative for people in Richfield MN.

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Not only does a traditional listing mean less profit, but it can also be extremely time-consuming and difficult. This undertaking includes:

  • Getting your property into shape through repairs, cleaning and updates
  • Maintaining a picture-perfect interior at all times (constantly cleaning)
  • Investing in advertising (Paying for professional photography and ads)
  • Showings which mean a steady stream of intrusions

Add all this up to see that you’ll be unable to relax in your own home until it’s sold. Is that a life that you would really want? However, by simply buying the home as-is and letting the owner walk away with the profit, we save home sellers from facing all of these stresses. This is another reason why we buy houses in Richfield. 

5. We Are Proud Of Our Local Richfield MN Community

At FastPath, community pride is another main reason why we buy houses in Richfield MN.

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We love restoring communities. This is a profoundly motivating factor behind our work when we buy houses in Richfield. It all starts with pride of ownership in each individual homeowner. Have you ever noticed when one home in a block makes an improvement, then all of a sudden, all the other homeowners make similar improvements? This builds up the neighbourhood as a whole. This is what usually takes place when we renovate a house. As the improvements continue, we see our work building even more of a sense of community.

Through this sense of community, we work to fuel more open interaction among Neighbors. We understand this phenomenon, furthermore, we know that our daily endeavours lead to an overall rise of pride in communities throughout Minnesota. A mindset change is created in the residents, making it worth all the effort to maintain their homes. This fosters positive changes that keep a neighbourhood looking safe and beautiful. 

So there you have it. Here are all the main reasons why we buy houses in Richfield MN. Ultimately, we love helping people and do so by offering a quick and easy way for local homeowners to sell their houses. If you’d like to learn more about us or find out what kind of offer we can make you for your house, call (612) 351-2384 today or fill in the short form below!

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