106. 4 Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your House Faster in Richfield MN

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Are you looking for a way to boost your listing and speed up the sale of your property? If so, you may be wondering what else you could possibly do (alongside cleaning and repairing your home) to make it as appealing as possible to the buyers within your local area. Well, if you asked any real estate professional within your local area this very question, they’d give you a slew of top sale tips that would be fit to do the job. But rather than list all of those tips in this blog, we’re instead going to focus on one. And that’s the power of staging.

Properly staging your home for sale is key if you’d like to attract as many buyers as possible and sell your house fast. However, many people often overlook this because they think that staging their houses for showings and advertisement costs a fortune… and in some cases, they are right. However, the cost to stage your home is often justified by its incredible results. Be that as it may, if you’re still not keen on forking out the bill for professional work, there is a way for you to stage your house yourself at an affordable price.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top tips for staging a house by yourself. With a little time and effort, you can make your home stand out and look truly beautiful. For more information on the subject of selling houses, you may also want to read our blog that expands on What To Do If You Can’t Sell Your House on the MLS in Minneapolis MN.

Tips for Staging Your House Yourself in Richfield MN

Below, we’ve put together some of the best staging tips that will help you beautify your house without professional help.

Tip 1: Hide The Clutter & Personal Items

Simply decluttering your interior and removing all personal items will go a long way in beautifying your home.

Image of a beautiful living room that has been decluttered by a homeowner who's selling their house in Richfield MN

When selling your house in Richfield MN, you want the house to look “homey”. However, this doesn’t mean that it should look like your home on an average day. E.g. Potential buyers won’t want to see your laundry in the washer. As such, it is very important to de-clutter your house and remove all personal items before showings.

When de-cluttering and de-personalizing, you should limit the number of family photographs that are hung up, and other very personal items. These include backpacks, paperwork, and purses. Instead, you should consider putting out some books, flowers, or any other interesting items that are decorative clutter. This will make buyers feel as if they’ve stepped into their dream space, instead of someone else’s messy house.

Tip 2: Appeal To All The Senses

Making sure the smell and atmosphere in your home is good will also help you appeal to buyers.

Image of a beautiful woman who's smelling fragrant smells within a house that is being sold in Richfield MN

When someone comes to your house for a showing, their impression of your property will be made by more than what they see with their eyes. This is because emotional cues play a big role in human perception. So if you’re looking to spruce up your house’s overall appeal, here are a few cheap options:

  • Consider playing some music softly in the background.
  • Or maybe have a candle burning that smells like freshly baked cookies or clean linens.
  • Have a soft and cozy blanket folded up nicely on the couch.

Doing these things will make your home feel cozy, and encourage buyers to stick around for longer. They may even make you an offer!

Tip 3: Give Each Room a Purpose

Assigning each room a singular purpose will help make your property look larger and more appealing.

Image of a lovely room that has been designated a specific purpose by a homeowner who's selling his or her house in Richfield MN

Do you have spaces in your house that are used for many things? If so, you should clean them up, and make them appear as if they only have one focus.

For example, a guest room/office can subconsciously make a potential home buyer feel as if the house is cramped and lacking enough space. Instead, you should make it very clear that the room is a guest bedroom OR an office.

In addition, if you have an unutilized space, consider turning it into something fun like a game room or library. Even if this is not really how you use your home, creating defined spaces will make buyers feel less confused about your house’s floor plan and allow them to more easily imagine themselves living there.

Tip 4: Deep Clean and Make Small Repairs

Making sure that your house is clean and in a good state of repair will also make it look more attractive.

Sell your house Fast instead of giving it to the bank in Minneapolis MN

Fixing up your house before selling it doesn’t always require you to pay for a full-scale remodel. Do you have a crooked shelf? Or a squeaky step? Maybe a leaky faucet? These are all small fixes you can make at a reasonable cost. Some small touch-ups to your indoor paint job or a power wash to your exterior walls can really alter the appearance of your home to prospective buyers.

In addition, this will also be the time to deep clean. You should wipe down the baseboards, rake the leaves and get those stains out of the carpet. Remember, buyers will be analyzing every inch of your house as they walk through.

Alternatively, if you’d rather avoid having to stage your property, you could opt to sell your house directly to our company instead. We buy houses in Richfield MN and offer great prices. To learn more about what we can offer you, be sure to fill in the form below and you’ll be that much closer toward selling your house fast in Richfield MN without hassles or stresses.

For more information on staging tips, or any other part of the home sale process that may leave you with questions, you can also call (612) 351-2384 to get in touch with us! We are always at your service!

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