67. Selling Your House in Brooklyn Center When You Have Kids or Pets

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Selling your house in Brooklyn Center MN when you have kids or pets can be complicated, to say the least. The process of finding a buyer, thorough cleaning, repairs, advertisement, and scheduling showings is very difficult under the best of circumstances. And that’s even after you’ve optimized your home sale efforts with the right helpful top sale tips. However, this enters a whole new ball game when you add dependents into the mix.

Whilst we all love our children, most parents know that they can be bubbles of chaos. And having to handle this whilst in the middle of one of the most significant financial transactions of your life (buying or selling a house) can be quite tricky. However, if you’re worried about selling your house with kids, fear not. By planning ahead and scheduling important home sale tasks such as hosting showings in just the right way, you’ll be able to juggle both your children and the home sale process quite efficiently.

In this blog, we will cover a few strategies that can help you uncomplicate the process of selling your house in Brooklyn Center MN, for you and your family (including your beloved pets). For more helpful home sale tricks, you may also want to read up on these 3 house selling tips.

Tips For Selling Your House When You Have Kids in Brooklyn Center MN

Read on to learn more about how to effectively sell your house when you have children.

Tip 1: Clean Deeply and Thoroughly

Image of a woman who's cleaning her house before selling it in Brooklyn Center MN

You don’t want the first impression that a buyer gets when they enter your house to be an unpleasant smell left by your cat or dog after they’ve done their… “business”. However, if you try to cover this up with buckets of air freshener, buyers will often simply jump to the conclusion that you’re covering up deep-seated odors. As such, it is important to clean deeply before you begin accepting showings.

When deep cleaning, it is helpful to remove food bowls, toys, and accessories from sight. This is mainly because you’ll want the potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the home. As such, your house should be a blank slate that your buyer can then fill in with their imagination, as they tour through during showings.

For this, thorough cleaning of your home is imperative if you’re selling your house in Brooklyn Center when you have kids or pets. You will want to ensure there are no toys scattered in play areas or family photos on open display.  In addition, do not forget to include the yard when you are carrying out your pre-showing cleanup routine. If you have dogs, be certain that the grass is the only thing buyers will step on when walking outdoors on your property. 

Tip 2: Look Through Your Insurance

Image of a man who's reviewing his insurance before selling his house in Brooklyn Center MN

While your pet may have never harmed anyone, any animal with claws or teeth is capable of scratching or biting a stranger. This is especially prevalent when pets feel a sudden threat to their home territory… as such, you can imagine what will happen when your buyer walks through.

For this reason, it is of major importance to familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy before you invite prospective buyers to your home where you have pets. Ensure that it covers the possibility of strangers in your home being harmed in any manner by your pet. In addition, because there are some animal breeds that insurers may not cover, check this information on your policy as well. No matter what type of pet you have, professionals in the real estate industry advise that the best option is to remove your pet from your home during showings.

Tip 3: Plan Your Showings Well

Image of a couple of adequately planned and prepared for their showings when selling their house in Brooklyn Center MN

Parents know that disturbing their children’s routine is something to be avoided when possible. This also includes when selling your house in Brooklyn Center. Planning activities, such as visiting parks, zoos, or other local attractions can be one way to make time pass quickly while your agent shows your house.

For this, you should have bags packed with toys or activity books and special treats for each child or pet. Keep to-go snacks and drinks on hand to make the process easier for everyone as well. It is extremely important to precisely communicate the times that work best for your family for showing to your real estate agent. However, you should remain aware that delaying showings could cause potential buyers to move on to another property, leading to a prolonged sale process.

Or Sell Your House Directly to FastPath Home Buyers Instead

Read on to learn more about how selling your house to FastPath will make it easy for you to sell with children or pets.

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The least stressful option is to sell your house to FastPath Home Buyers in Brooklyn Center when you have kids or pets. Typically, we close much faster than traditional transactions. This period can be in as little as 7 days. In addition, when you work with our company, we will lay out every step of the process with very clear contracts that are simple “as-is” home sale contracts. This means no more worries about your insurance policy and your pets. You do not even need to clean, repair or renovate your house. With us, you can forget about the odor concerns, and schedule your children’s life around a real estate agent! Sellers can expect quick, simple, stress-free transactions from FastPath Home Buyers. 

Are you looking for a sale option where you’ll do “Zero” work? If so, selling your house to FastPath Home Buyers is your best bet. Here at FastPath, we buy houses in Brooklyn Center MN. Above all else, we prioritize providing an easy 100% hassle-free home sale experience for all our home buyers. As such, if you opt to sell to our company, you won’t have to worry about balancing your kids or pets.

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