109. Top 5 Questions We Receive From Home Sellers in Fridley MN

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We Buy Houses in Fridley MN. While professional home buying companies are not a new option for home sales, many people are often unaware of them. A majority of home sellers in Fridley MN still don’t know that selling their houses directly to FastPath Home Buyers can save time, money, and stress.

In this blog, we’ll talk about 5 questions we often receive from home sellers in Fridley. For more information, contact us here at FastPath Home Buyers, either by calling (612) 351-2384 or by visiting this website and filling out a short form.

5 Questions Home Sellers Often Ask us Here at FastPath Home Buyers

What About Repairs?

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One of the questions we typically receive from home sellers is , “will I need to make repairs?” The simple answer is… No! When FastPath Home Buyers looks at your property, we factor in what repairs need to be made, and accept your house in “As-Is” condition. In addition, we are willing to take on all of the expenses and risks involved with the property. As such, this means you’ll get to walk away without any legal risks for any problems you were unaware of. 

Will the Closing Be Slow?

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Perhaps one of the top questions we receive from home sellers is , “will I have to wait long for closing?”. Again, this answer is quite simple…. No! FastPath Home Buyers typically closes within a few days! By working with FastPath Home Buyers, your sale is guaranteed (unlike when you work with a real estate agent). Through selling directly to our company, you can stop stressing over holding costs, and having to wait 3-6 months before your house actually sells (which is the usually waiting period with real estate agents).

Will I Get a Fair Offer?

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Many home sellers in Fridley MN often also wonder, “how do you determine your offer?”. Our answer is that here at FastPath Home Buyers, we strive to give you the highest possible offer for your house. Visit this page to learn more about how we calculate these Fair All Cash Offers. FastPath Home Buyers takes many factors into consideration when we make an offer: these include location, market value, current condition (in terms of needed repairs), and sellers circumstances. Additionally, we carefully review the values of comparable homes located near you. This all helps us provide you with the best possible offer.

What About the Title Company?

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One more question we receive from home sellers in Fridley is, “will I have to pay the title company?”. When selling with an agent, any fees associated with the title will be the seller responsibility. Additionally, there could also be expenses such as outstanding taxes, liens on the property, or judgments. Any legal or wiring fees would also usually be the sellers responsibility. However, when you work with our company, there is no need to be concerned with coming up with any funds for these. We’ll handle them and give you the agreed upon sum at closing.

Do You Charge Commissions or Fees?

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Another question we receive from home sellers in Fridley is , “ Is there a cost?”. The answer… No! 

FastPath Home Buyers will make you a cash offer, which is the actual amount you will receive. As you may be well aware, there are a great many commissions, fees, closing costs, and other expenses involved in a traditional home sale. However, here at FastPath, we charge No Commissions or Fees!

Ready to skip the hassles of showings, waiting for a buyer, and worrying about how to pay for repairs or updates to your home… all of this before you ever sell it? Selling directly to FastPath Home Buyers is your best option!

For more information, just send us a message or call us at (612) 351-2384 today!