59. How To Determine What Listing Your House in Savage MN Will Mean for Your Property

How To Determine What Listing Your House in Savage MN Will Mean for Your Property Image

For the average homeowner in Savage MN, there are two main options that are most commonly used when it comes to selling a house. These options are listing on the market with a real estate agent or selling the property directly to a cash home buyer. However, if you ask around, it can often only feel like one of these options is actually worth it. And that’s the traditional method.

For many years, hiring a real estate agent and finding a buyer on the open market has been the industry default when it comes to selling a house. Commonly known as the traditional way of selling a home, this particular method of property sale could easily win a popularity contest. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option to turn to under every circumstance. Put simply, it requires quite a lot of energy, time and money to produce a successful sale. For these reasons, if you lack in either one of these areas for any reason whatsoever, you may which to consider selling your house directly to a cash home buyer instead.

Below, we are going to talk about what it will mean to list your property in Savage MN. We’ll discuss some of the key pros and cons, as well as outline a few cases where selling your house to a cash home buyer may be a better choice than hiring a real estate agent. For more information on your options when selling your house, read our blog on direct sale vs hiring an agent in New Hope MN.

What Listing Your Property in Savage MN Will Mean For You

Read on to discover the truth about selling your house with a real estate agent in Savage MN.

Image of a man who's decided to list his property instead of selling his house with a cash home buyer in Savage MN

1. Expensive Costs and Fees

Considering the thousands of dollars real estate agents are paid in commissions is an important factor to think about when determining what listing your house in Savage will mean for you. However, it doesn’t stop there. There may be additional transaction fees, such as closing costs, that you will have to meet. To best cater for these added expenses, you should consider factoring them into your overall asking price. However, ensure that your asking price remains reasonable and competitive by comparing it to similar properties that are currently for sale within your area. If your asking price is too high and unrealistic, your listing could sit on the market for months.

2. Mandatory Repairs

Listing your house in Savage will mean shining a spotlight on the property. However, regrettably, the spotlight often points to issues within your home. When you use a real estate agent, the buyer’s agent will almost always order an inspection of the property. If they find something wrong with the property’s structure, they may require you to get it repaired with your money, before they agree to close on a deal. Depending on the age, decor, and condition of your house, the traditional method of listing could mean your property undergoing an expensive remodel before it’s ready to sell.

3. Inconvenient Showings

Showings are an inevitable part of listing your house in Savage. This will mean keeping your house spotless at all times. With showings, you can expect frustrating, middle-of-dinner phone calls from potential buyers, who’ll be asking for a showing at inconvenient times. Typically, you’ll also have to worry about cleaning before heading to work, in the event a buyer request a showing from your agent while you’re away.

4. Costly Advertising

When it comes to selling a house, there is no way to avoid marketing. As such, if you’d like to properly advertise your property for sale, you need to be where the buyers are… Online. You’ll need to design a plan, based on your budget, to make your property stand out. You’ll want to include professional photos, and consider 360 degree and virtual tour drone footage. Agents are now including staging expenses in the marketing plan, along with bringing your interior and exterior up to magazine quality presentation. Likewise, standing out in searches means paying to be on the main real estate sites.

Sell Your House Directly to FastPath Home Buyers

Read on to discover how you can avoid all the above by selling your house directly to FastPath.

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Sell Directly to FastPath

However, there is another option. Selling directly instead of listing your house in Savage can help you forgo cleaning and repairs. This relieves you from having to meet the cost of needed upgrades before closing. Some companies do not require inspections, making it a truly “as-is” transaction. If you decide to sell directly to a professional house buyer in Savage, you will not have to worry about dealing with showings. You won’t owe marketing costs either. Typically, professional buyers do not charge commission or transaction fees, and if they do, it is extremely low in comparison. 

Just sell directly to FastPath Home Buyers. Selling your house directly in Savage will save you from the many headaches associated with traditional listings. FastPath Home Buyers will handle everything for you, explain every step along the way, and give you a definite closing date! So what do you say? Call us at (612) 351-2384 or fill out the short form below to get your all-cash offer today.

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