97. 6 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Yard in Burnsville MN

6 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Yard in Burnsville MN Image

Most homeowners want a beautiful, thick, uniform lawn – you know, one that looks like a putting green on one of those televised PGA venues. This is often the case whether it be for a homeowner who is considering selling their house or not. However, the problem is that the very things these people then do with the hopes of creating the lawn of their dreams usually wind up doing more harm than good.

If you’d like to maintain a beautiful green grassy yard, it is very important that you avoid making these mistakes. This is because the state of your yard, as well as your property’s overall curb appeal, could make a huge difference when it’s time to sell. Because believe it or not, lawn care does affect the value of your property. And even if you’re not interested in selling your house, no one wants to look outside their house and see an ugly lawn. As such, if you’re facing these problems, read on to learn more about the top lawn care mistakes that can ruin your yard.

In this blog, we’ll cover 6 significant lawn care mistakes that can ruin your yard in Burnsville MN and show you how to avoid falling into the trap that so many other homeowners do when trying to take care of their lawns.

6 Lawn Care Mistakes you can Avoid When Selling Your House In Burnsville MN

Read on to discover the top 6 lawn care mistakes that homeowners make in Burnsville MN and how to avoid them.

Image of a beautiful green lawn in a property that is being sold to FastPath Home Buyers

1. Misidentification of Problems and Wrong Treatment

Angry man who has mistreated his lawn when selling his house in Burnsville MN Image

When your yard is looking unhealthy, it can be very easy to misdiagnose the problem and then use the wrong treatment. However, this treatment could wind up making your yard look even worse. For example, you may diagnose your browning lawn as suffering from an insect problem, when it’s actually a fungal issue. The wrong treatment, such as in this example, would only exacerbate the problem.

To avoid this, you should make sure that you do your research when diagnosing your lawn’s illness. Or better yet, hire a gardening expert.

2. Mowing Too Short

Homeowner who has been mowing his lawn too short in Burnsville MN Image

Mowing too short (and too often) is another common lawn care mistake that can ruin your yard. It prevents your grass plants from developing strong deep roots and vibrant foliage. When you do this, your grass won’t be able to take in nutrients and take up water in a healthy fashion. Your lawn will then become susceptible to disease and vulnerable to pest attacks.

3. Waiting Too Late to Address Weed Problems

Image of a Garden that has overgrown weed problems in Burnsville MN

Another common lawn care mistake is waiting too long to address weed problems. In this case, prevention is always better than cure. But if you do let weeds get established in your lawn, you need to see the cure as a long-term, ongoing process. There simply aren’t any quick fixes, so you’ll have to practice regular weeding and resolve the problem over time. You wouldn’t want to poison your lawn by over-dosing it with the weed killer all in one go.

4. Watering Too Often

Homeowner who water his or her garden to often in Burnsville MN Image

Of the 6 lawn care mistakes that can ruin your yard in Burnsville MN, this is one that a lot of us are especially guilty of. When hot, dry summer days hit your home, it’s not easy to resist the urge to water your lawn throughout the day. However, watering too often can impact your lawn more adversely than not watering enough. Daily watering inhibits deep root growth, which can inhibit your grass plants from growing resilient enough to survive harsh weather.

5. Improper Feeding

Man who isn't feeding his lawn properly when selling his house in Burnsville MN Image

When it comes to feeding your lawn, one size does not fit all. Regularly fertilizing is, of course, essential for a healthy lawn. But it needs to be the right fertilizer in the right amounts and at the right time.

For example, in late spring and early summer, you should use a fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen. Too much nitrogen too quick can “burn” the developing grass plants, which can then stunt their growth and brown them, if they grow at all. This is one instance when too much of a good thing can definitely be harmful.

6. Planting the Wrong Grass

Image of a Garden that has the wrong type of grass planted within it.

Planting (or re-planting) the wrong species of grass for your specific lawn conditions might just be the hardest mistake to rectify. It could take years to fix this particular problem.

So suppose, for example, that you just love the look of the vibrant Kentucky bluegrass growing in your neighbor’s yard. What you’ve overlooked, though, is that her yard is sunny while yours is shaded by large trees. And if you press on and plant Kentucky bluegrass, you’ll be gravely disappointed.

Whether you intend to sell your home in Burnsville MN or live in it for many years to come, you must avoid these 6 lawn care mistakes that can ruin your lawn in Burnsville MN. For more information on how to keep your property in good condition, be sure to contact our company at (612) 351-2384 or by filling out the short form below.

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