53. How To Sell Your Home Quickly In Minneapolis And Other Parts Of Minnesota

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For many homeowners, selling their houses fast can become very important due to various circumstances. Maybe they’re behind on a few mortgage payments and need to sell fast in order to avoid foreclosure. Maybe they’re in the middle of a heated divorce and need to sell their house fast so they can settle with their spouses, sign the papers and move on as quickly as possible. Or maybe they simply need to sell their house quickly before relocating.

Whatever the case, it’s quite unfortunate to note that most homeowners who need to sell their houses fast, but choose to do so through traditional methods, often end up not being able to. This is mainly because the average time to sell a house with a real estate agent is between 55-70 days, which is about 2-3 months.

When you hire an agent and begin selling your house traditionally, you’ll be at the mercy of the market. And as any real estate professional who’s worth their salt will tell you, the real estate market can be notoriously unpredictable. Changes in the market will influence how much you’ll be able to get for your property. And more importantly, how long it will take to sell your house. As such, if you do opt to sell traditionally but need to sell fast, make sure to do your research and understand how the real estate market works beforehand.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the key factors that affect home sales in Minneapolis MN. In addition to this, we’ll also expand on how one can go about ensuring quick results when they are ready to sell a house in Minneapolis MN. So read on to catch all of these interesting details and tips.

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Factors That Influence How Quickly a House Will Sell in Minneapolis MN

Discover what factors and trends in the real estate market will affect the speed of a traditional home sale.

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There are many factors that influence whether you’ll be able to sell your MN home quickly in today’s present market conditions. These include:

  • The national economy
  • The local economy in Minneapolis MN
  • Interest rates
  • The condition and trends of the neighbourhood (is it growing? is it shrinking?)
  • The condition of your house and whether requires repairs.
  • The asking price of your house
  • The asking price of similar houses in the area

… and so many other things as well.

You may not have the luxury of waiting around for home prices in your neighbourhood in Minneapolis to go up. Instead, you may have to face the realities of the marketplace and choose an alternative home sale option, especially if the clock is ticking.

The Four Steps to Sell Your Minneapolis House Fast

Discover how to sell your house fast when you’ve hired an agent and opted to sell traditionally.

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However, if you do choose to sell your house traditionally but would prefer to do so as quickly as possible, there are a few things that you can do in order to make this happen. Here are our top strategies for selling your house fast when working with an agent.

Be Competitive When Selling Your House Fast with an Agent

Within your Minneapolis area alone, there are usually many homes up for sale at any given time. Each one is competing against you for the highest buyer. As such, rather than simply setting your own optimum asking price, you should price your home to sell. This can be done by finding out what similar homes in your neighbourhood are selling for and pricing your house competitively.

Don’t forget to look at the comparable condition of the house too. Just because you have the same layout as your neighbours, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same asking price. So make sure you consider both the state and general condition of your house and those of your competition and price accordingly.

Understand Your Buyer When Selling Your House Fast with an Agent

Is it a new family with young children? Is it a retired couple who happens to be downsizing? Is it a single woman moving to the area because of a new job? There are many reasons that someone may buy a house. When you understand this, it will help you with the next point…

Make Repairs and Upgrades When Selling Your House Fast with an Agent

You should prepare your home for the type of buyer you are expecting to attract. If the best person to buy your home is a young family, it might be important to make sure that you have a great backyard with a swing set. Or if your house is near a busy street, make sure you have a nice fence around the yard that protects kids from going into the road. If the best person to buy your home is a retired couple, then perhaps you’ll want to make sure that the home is comfortable for people who may have a hard time with stairs. Or make sure the landscaping outside is relatively lower maintenance.

Choose the Right Agent Or Broker When Selling Your House Fast with an Agent

Real estate agents are experts at helping you sell your home. There are plenty of agents here in Minneapolis that you can work with… and if you want a referral to a reputable agent with a good track record, just give us a ring at (612) 351-2384 and we’d be glad to give you some names. When you’ve done all the advanced legwork, this will help your agent sell your house quickly.

By following these four simple steps, you can sell your home pretty quickly, even when working with an agent.

How to Sell Your House Faster in Minneapolis

Find out how you can sell your house much faster and for a great price in Minneapolis MN.

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However, if you’d like to sell your house fast in Minneapolis MN (like in as little as 7 days), working with an agent won’t work for you at all! Instead, you’ll be better served by opting to avoid the traditional process and selling directly to a cash home buying company like ours, FastPath Home Buyers. You’ll find that there are many advantages to selling your home to cash buyers.

Sometimes you may not have the time to compare prices and look for homebuyers within the real estate market. Sometimes you may not be able to fix up your property for your ideal customer. And sometimes you may not want to deal with a real estate agent, and all their added expenses and fees. At times like these, FastPath Home Buyers is exactly what you need. Here at FastPath, we buy houses for cash in Minneapolis, and throughout the state of Minnesota. We offer great prices and are prepared to purchase a house in less than 7 days. In addition to this, if you choose to sell to us, you won’t have to worry about repairs and upgrades. We buy houses in “as-is” condition. So if you’re looking for someone to buy your house for cash fast, we’re it!

So if you’re tough deadlines that require you to sell your house fast, or you don’t want to endure the hassle and the long wait times associated with selling on the open market, reach out to us, either by calling (612) 351-2384 or by filling out the short form below.

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