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Owning land is pretty easy – it rarely takes a lot of effort. However, when you want to sell, this becomes a completely different story. This is mainly because while selling any type of real estate traditionally on the open market is typically a challenge, selling land is so much worse due to the limited number of buyers.

The number of traditional residential buyers that are available at any given time in the real estate market far outway the number of developers and real estate investors who are interested in buying land. And because of this, land sellers usually face a whole lot more competition which results in long sale timelines and (in some cases) lower prices. So if you were wondering how hard it is to sell land, there is your answer. It’s very hard!

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. While most real estate agents have a hard time selling land due to various reasons, there is a general consensus in the housing community that if you implement the right strategy, you may be able to find a buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar and do so quite fast actually. Below, we are going to delve deep into this strategy and show you how to sell land to a developer in Saint Paul MN. For more information on selling land, read this blog that expands on How to Sell Your Land By Yourself In Brooklyn Center MN.

How to Sell Land to a Developer in Saint Paul MN

Read on to unpack the most effective strategy for selling land both fast and for a great price in Saint Paul MN to a developer.

Strategy 1: Do Your Research On the Developers Near You

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A developer wants to be able to build on the land you sell them, then sell their new property for a profit. As such, they will probably be looking for properties that are close to residential infrastructure and services (such as good water systems, sewers, power lines, shopping malls, and schools). After all, they’ll need to connect all of these services to their new development. As such, you may see that your land’s location or neighborhood may have quite a significant impact on the sale price.

In the event that your land isn’t serviced, it’s advisable to find out how far away these services may be and whether they are being actively built or maintained by the city. If a new junior school is being built somewhere near your raw property, this could give you more leverage that can be helpful on the bargaining table.

Strategy 2: Consider Bypassing Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Working with a real estate agent to sell your raw land in Saint Paul MN may not always be a good idea. This is mainly because a lot of real estate agents tend to work with residential homeowners who are looking to buy fully functional houses to live in. As such, If you’re trying to sell your land to a developer, you may need to find someone who specializes in selling land to commercial businesses.

Strategy 3: Make Sure You Know Your Land’s Zoning Rights

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As we established above, most developers that you sell to will be looking to build. This may include potentially subdividing your land. For this work, however, they’ll typically want to know how your property is zoned. This will help them anticipate the workload required to build.

As such, it is important to have all of your property’s most recent zoning schematics on hand. Though it is possible for zoning layouts to be changed, this will add to your developer’s timeline and inhibit their workflow. So, if you’re looking to sell your land fast, it’s helpful for developers to know up-front how your land is zoned.

Strategy 4: Ease Your Developers Path Of Construction

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This last tip is usually a bit harder to research on. However, it could help you find a developer whose willing to pay top dollar. Before you begin your search for a developer, you should do a little more research on your land and its surrounding areas. In this research, focus on recent developments within the area where your land is located, or any new projects that may have popped up. If your land is not inside a city, find out if the city is growing in the general direction of your land, or if there are any new complexes that are being constructed close to your property. If you discover a company that is building complexes near your property, this could give you access to a potential developer. Such developers will usually be ready to buy your land and pay top dollar because they will already have an interest in your area.

Selling raw land can be challenging. This is mainly because you’ll be looking for a very different kind of buyer. But if you’re wondering, “how do I sell my land to a developer?”, then these 4 tips will help you.

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