40. Hiring an Agent vs. A Direct Sale To FastPath Home Buyers When Selling Your House in Shakopee MN

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Have you ever watched those movies where the main character needs to sell their house fast? They quickly hire a real estate agent and after a short movie montage (of their agent smooth-talking buyers), they wind up with a closed deal above their asking price. And all of this by the end of the day. If so, you may be asking yourself, “Is a real estate agent a magic wizard who can wave their sparkly wand, do 100% of the work, and get me an impossible deal within 24 hours?”

The short answer to this question is… NO! While this may be the case in Hollywood, it certainly isn’t true within your local Shakopee MN real estate market. When you are trying to sell your house in Shakopee MN and decide to hire a real estate agent, it can sometimes be easy to assume that all your hard work ends there. However, this action will only be the first step. In real life, selling a house with a real estate agent is actually quite a drawn-out and tedious process. And it’s one that will require you to put in some work. From filling out piles of paperwork to cleaning your home, making sure that all the most important repairs that are required before sale are made, then staging it for showings, the workload can be quite a lot. And let’s not forget how much it will cost to sell your house, which can be quite a pretty penny.

For all of these reasons and more, it’s important to understand the truth of what you’re getting into when you’ve opted to sell your house with a real estate agent. Before you decide to pull the trigger and hire that agent anyway, make the smart move and at least find out what this process truly entails when opting for a realtor vs selling directly in Shakopee. Below, we have gathered some of the key facts that you should consider before hiring a real estate agent and selling your house traditionally.

The Truth About Selling Your House to a Real Estate Agent vs a Direct Sale to a Cash Home Buyer

Read on to discover all the key details you need to know when preparing to sell a house traditionally in Shakopee MN.

1. You’ll Need to Clean Up When Selling Your House with an Agent

Cleaning your property is one of the most annoying tasks you’ll need to take on when working with an agent.

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Listing a property with a real estate agent means you’ll need to keep your house spotless at all times. This is an essential part of the process when it comes to preparing for showing appointments and open houses. As a result, your real estate agent will typically require you to do a ” deep cleaning”.

However, there is no such concern when you make a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers. This will be particularly beneficial for those that are:

  • inheriting a house they cannot physically or financially handle cleaning out
  • holding a rental property that is in a bad state due to tenants leaving mountains of trash behind and/or damaging the house

Bear this in mind when you deliberate between hiring an agent vs. a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers.

2. The True Cost of Listing with an Agent is Steep

Selling your house with an agent comes with a lot of expenses and fees that you need to be aware of.

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Be prepared to open that chequebook! While an agent may be capable of getting you the full retail price when selling your house, you’ll want to be certain that all the costs add up. It is true that when you sell your house fast to a professional cash buyer like FastPath Home Buyers, they may not be able to offer you the full price that your house is worth on the open market. But before you make your decision, consider this:

An agents commission ( which can be up to 10% of the final sale) is simply not the only cost that will be included in your listing contract. Agents will require additional expenses in order for them to sell your house. These include:

  • the cost of updates and repairs
  • storage expenses for your personal belongings when your house is cleared for showings
  • staging costs associated with renting out or buying new pretty furniture to show off your house during open houses
  • the cost of hiring a professional photographer for advertising
  • the cost associated with marketing your house on online platforms

All of these extra expenses are in addition to the closing fees your real estate agent will charge. So I’m sure you can see that selling a house with a real estate agent is a huge financial commitment. Getting the full retail value for your house may initially look glamorous. However, after taking all these expenses into account ( that will all come from your wallet) you may find yourself looking at up to -40% off your final sale price.

But here at FastPath Home Buyers, we may not be able to give you the full retail price, but we will give you the highest possible offer we can. We accept your home in “ as-is”, meaning in any condition. No Repairs! No expenses! No commissions! 100% Free.

3. Real Estate Agents Require Time to Sell Your House

Opting to sell your house with a real estate agent usually takes between 3-6 months, which is a long time.

The long waiting period you'll have to endure when selling your house with a real estate agent in Shakopee MN Image

One of the great benefits of a direct sale is a guarantee for the closing date. Time can be a deciding factor when choosing between hiring an agent vs. a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers. You may find yourself losing sleep over looming financial deadlines ( which can be extremely frustrating) as you wait for your home to sell. Real estate agents can only inform you of the average time a house takes to sell using traditional listings. But they cannot tell you a specific closing date.

Here at FastPath Home Buyers, however, we focus on buying our clients homes as quickly as possible. In that regard, we are prepared to close in as little as 7 days ( depending on when you choose to set the date). If you find yourself in a pinch and you need to sell your house fast, contact us either by calling (612) 351-2384 or by filling out the short form at the bottom of this blog post.

Sell Your House to FastPath Home Buyers

Read on to discover a fast, hassle-free and efficient home sale method that homeowners in Shakopee MN are turning to.

We Buy Houses in Shakopee MN As-IS Image

With a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers in Shakopee MN, you’ll have a quick closing date that is guaranteed! Feeling a sense of confidence in the plans you make, and watching them come to fruition is a wonderful thing! Keep this in mind as you determine between hiring an agent vs. a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers.

Living life without any firm plans can be truly chaotic. With a traditional listing, you just don’t have the luxury of knowing the closing date. This means not knowing when or even if your home will actually sell. You may find yourself in a real jam if you need your home to sell before you can afford to move! This can be extremely unnerving, should circumstances be forcing you to move despite the lack of a sale. Regrettably, if you take the leap and move prior to closing, you’ll be responsible for all of the bills associated with both residences until the nightmare ends. This added load on your budget is not only highly stressful: for many, it’s enough to cause financial ruin.

Don’t waste time and money! We make it easy to move on with your life! There are many factors to consider, but we are happy to help you determine if you’re a candidate that would benefit from a direct sale to FastPath Home Buyers. We’ll advise you if we’re the best choice for you when selling your house in Shakopee. Send us a message or call (612) 351-2384 today.

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