Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Home to FastPath Home Buyers in Minneapolis MN

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Are you looking for a faster and easier way to sell your home in Minneapolis MN? If so, contacting our company (FastPath Home Buyers) and getting a cash offer today might be a great option for you. And here is why…

While the process of traditional home sales can be quite rewarding at the very end, it is also incredibly difficult, demanding, and time-consuming. The sheer amount of work that you’ll need to put in in order to get your property sold (even if you hire a real estate agent) is usually more than most people can handle while juggling work and family responsibilities. As such, there has got to be a faster and easier way to sell your house that requires minimal input on your part and that can conclude quickly.

If you’re looking for an option like this, you should consider working with a reputable cash buying company like our very own, FastPath Home Buyers. We can help you by-pass months of work and patience, then skip right to providing you with a fair all-cash offer that you can close on in as little as a week. In addition to this, if you sell your house to our company, you’ll be able to do so (and still retain a competitive offer) without having to make repairs.

In this blog, we are going to focus on this topic in a little more depth and tell you every you need to know when it comes to selling your house to FastPath Home Buyers, as well as some reasons why we buy houses.

Everything You Need to Know About FastPath Home Buyers and How We Buy Homes in Minneapolis MN

Read on to learn about our local cash home buying program here at FastPath, and how it works.

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These days, many people find themselves asking questions like, “What’s the easiest way to sell my house?” and, “Is there a way to sell my house without hiring a real estate agent?”. And it’s not very difficult to determine why.

As we mentioned above, selling a house traditionally is not an easy thing to do. From determining the value of your property to filling out all the paperwork (all the way through advertising and making all essential repairs), this is usually quite a lot of work and can be difficult to juggle if you lead a very busy and active life. In addition to this, hiring a real estate agent may not always be a viable option for you if you’re going through a particularly difficult situation that requires you to sell quickly (e.g. people going through divorce or foreclosure may not have the time to wait 2-3 months for their property to be sold by a real estate agent). As such, if you’re looking for an alternative that’s both faster and easier, we’re a great option to consider.

Details About FastPath Home Buyers

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At FastPath Home Buyers, we are a local company within the Minneapolis MN area that buys houses and offers great prices. Our company is founded by Jay Schultz; he’s a professional real estate investor who has been buying and selling houses since 2003 and who has nearly 16+ years of experience in the Minneapolis MN property market. Fueled by his expertise, we have tons of experience when it comes to carrying out real estate transaction both quickly and easily, and have been able to make positive contributions toward the lives of many residents within our local area by purchasing their houses at great prices no matter what they are going through.

To sum it all up, our company philosophy is to help as many local homeowners as we can by providing them with quick and easy home sale experiences and offering great prices. So whether you’re going through a foreclosure and need to sell quickly to avoid eviction and bad credit, or whether you’ve recently inherited a house from a lost loved one and would like to sell it quickly, we’ve got your back. No matter what your situation may be, and no matter what condition your property may be in, we’ll offer you the highest possible price and do all we can to make your home sale experience as comfortable as possible. And that’s a promise!

Main Benefits of Selling Your House to FastPath

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As we’ve mentioned above, selling your house directly to a cash buyer can provide you with a host of benefits such as greater convenience and ease, alongside a simpler process.

However, there are a few more benefits that make FastPath stand out from many of the other home buyers within the Minnesota area. Below, we are going to talk about a few things that make our company unique as professional home buyers, and why you should opt to sell your home directly to us, rather than any other cash buyer.

After this, you’ll know why FastPath is the right choice for you!

1. Reputable and Accredited

It goes without saying that you cannot trust every cash buyer that calls itself one on the internet. These days, as criminals move online and the number of internet based scams increases, it has never been more important to protect yourself. Because of this, we’d advise you to verify that a company is credible before submitting your details, be it when purchasing something online, or when looking for a cash buyer.

In this light, FastPath shines particularly brightly because of the exemplary reputation that we have within Minnesota communities for providing good and reliable home sale services. We are BBB accredited and can provide you with a slew of recommendations and reviews to will speak further of our credibility.

And finally, unlike some cash buyers who bagger home owners or who sneak nasty surprises into your contracts, we are trust worthy. When you reach out to us and get your cash offer, we provide you with a sale price at zero obligation. You won’t be required to close on the deal, and can walk away at any point. In addition, we’ll walk you through the entire process with complete honesty and openness. From the formula and information that we used to come up with your cash offer to structure of the purchase agreement that you’ll sign at closing, we’ll be 100% transparent. We also encourage you to have a lawyer look at the contracts before closing, and will sign the contracts at a third party location (so no matter what, you’ll be safe and secure in your deal when you sell to our company).

2. When we say “as-is”, we mean it!

When most people on the internet flaunt the term “as-is” home sale, they often will be making a promise that they will not intend to keep. Sure, they may be telling the truth about not requiring you to pay for repairs before sale. However, they will demand a professional inspection of your property (so that they can be made aware of all of the problems that are associated with your property before the sale closes) which you will then be required to pay for. They may also require a full disclosure. And if you fail to mention even the slightest detail, they’ll be sure to pursue legal action against you sometime in the future. In addition, they will often use the fact that your property is being sold in “as-is” condition as an excuse to justify the ridiculous price deductions that they will then demand.

However, with FastPath Home Buyers, when we accept homes in “as-is” condition. And when we say “as-is”, we mean it. With us, you won’t have to stress yourself any further over the state of your home or pay for an inspection. We’ll waive all that after a brief tour of your property. Additionally, we may ask for a few details about the state of your home and would appreciate honesty. However, unlike a full disclosure, we won’t come after you if you miss anything out nor will we seek legal action if we find something wrong with your property that you may have forgotten to mention after closing. In addition, we’ll only deduct the costs that we’re quoted by our contractor for repairs from the sale price, not a crazy chunk like most “as-is” buyers out there. When we buy a house, we accept all of the risk associated with a truly “as-is” purchase and will let you off the hook completely after the sale is closed.

3. Our Personal Touch

And last, but not least, you’ll love us because of our personal touch. Unlike most cash buyers, we care about each and every home seller that comes to us and have a strong desire to help people allow over Minnesota deal with any problems that they may be facing due to, or in association with, their property. As such, we’ll take the time to ask about your personal situation, and offer solutions if you are facing tough issues such as a looming foreclosure, outstanding mortgage payments, selling during a divorce, trying to sell an inherited house in probate and so much more. All in all, we strive to make it easy to sell your house, and to provide you with a viable way to sell your house without any costs.

If you are a regular seller, we’d like to help you optimize the sale of your property for best convenience. For this, we’ll work with your schedule and do everything on your behalf, such as drafting the contracts and covering closing fees.

3 Simple Steps to Sell Your House to FastPath

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Here is the 3 step process that we use to close deals with local home owners. Above all, we pride ourselves in the keeping things simple for sellers. This is done to ensure that your home sale remains easy and stress free when you sell your house directly to FastPath.

So, if you’re wondering how it all works, here is step one…

Step 1: Contact us and Submit Your Property’s details

To get your All Cash Offer, simply reach out to us, either by calling (612) 351-2384 or by filling out the short form on our HOME PAGE. After this, a representative from our company will reach out to you with the hopes of setting an appointment for a short meeting (which usually takes place on virtual platforms so you won’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule or using up your fuel).

Why the Appointment: The reason why we commonly ask for a quick meeting (that will take place at the home owner’s best convenience) is because we understand that houses are a lot more than a compilation of the details that our research team can dig up. They are homes for families and places that can hold a lot of meaningful value. As such, we’d like to get to know both you, your property and your family, so that we can honour your home’s history after sale.

After this appointment, our team will get to work researching your property and compiling that cash offer. We’ll then get back to you with a finalized price that’s completely none binding, meaning you won’t have any pressure to accept our offer or move forward with the sale of your property to our company.

Step 2: Tour of Your Property

One if the main reasons why local home sellers love us so much is because we accept properties in completely “as-is” condition. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about having to fit the bill for a laundry list of home repairs before your property can be sold.

However, before we can finalize on your all cash offer and close the deal, we only ask for one thing; a quick walk through of your property. For this, we’ll schedule a time with that’s most convenient. A representative from our company will then arrive at your property and quickly browse through.

*Please Note: If a live tour of your home cannot be conducted, we can accommodate virtual tours as well.

Once this is done, we will then get back to you with a summary of your offer, which we will then be able to close on at your earliest convenience.

Step 3: Select a Closing Date

Once you’ve received your offer, the ball will then be 100% in your court. We’ll apply no pressure, so you won’t be obligated to accept our offer and close on the deal. However, if the offer works for you, you can then proceed to setting a closing date that can be as slow or as fast as you’d like. We’ll move on your schedule and be ready to sign the papers at a time of your choosing, and in a third party location (for your added security).

So there you have it. Here is everything you need to know about selling your house to FastPath Home Buyers. If you have anything else you need to know, feel free to contact our company or read up on the Top 5 Questions we receive from home sellers. Reach out to our company here at FastPath Home Buyers, either by calling (612) 351-2384 or by filling in the short form below.

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