55. 5 Difficulties Homeowners are Facing When Trying To Sell Their Fridley MN Homes During Coronavirus

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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and our straining economy, many people are facing difficulties throughout every part of their lives. However, this is especially prevalent for those who are looking to sell their homes. If you are considering selling your house, and would like to forgo all the difficulties and stresses involved with selling on the open market (especially during COVID), reach out to us here at FastPath Home Buyers. We buy houses throughout Fridley and would be happy to give you a fair all cash offer for your house. Call us at (612) 351-2384, or fill out the short form at the bottom of the page to get an all cash offer you can close on in as little as 7 days.

If you find yourself in just this situation ( trying to sell your home during the COVID pandemic), you will want to pay very close attention to these 5 difficulties home sellers are facing.


During a pandemic period, both your health and the health of the people around you are the most important factors to be considered. As such, extreme pre and post showing cleaning precautions must be taken. This will mean thorough sanitization of all surfaces from your doors to your cupboards to your countertops ( anything else that a buyer might possibly touch, which could be everything). Let’s face it, all the time and extra work involved in disinfecting every surface can become wearisome to sellers. In addition, precautions will not just require you to invest your time, but your money as well when it comes to purchasing large quantities of gloves or buckets of hand sanitizer for use during open house sessions.

You may also find yourself in a position where you have to trust that your buyer, or buyers, will take equal precautions when they visit your home, in order to protect your family. Feeling confident that your family will remain safe is another trouble homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Fridley homes during coronavirus


Due to the fast-paced changes in demand, in the real estate industry, many agents find themselves overwhelmed. If your agent isn’t up to date on today’s technology, he or she lacks the ability to make full use of digital marketing tools that are essential in bring buyers to your door. Being poorly marketed on the internet can literally be the difference between your home selling or a “ For Sale” sign sitting on your front lawn for months on end.

However, If your agent is utilizing all of the technology available, you can be certain that you will be covering all of the expenses in their marketing plan. Homeowners are facing a heavy demand for online virtual tours and technologically savvy marketing when trying to sell their Fridley homes during coronavirus. And the truth of that matter is that, though these methods of advertising are both essential and effective, they are also extremely expensive.

Lack of Interest

Buyer’s priorities and demands in housing have evolved, along with many other aspects that have been affected by this disease. With the dynamics changing, not only in living arrangements (created by the economic downfall) but in the homeschool revolution that has made more space imperative, many home sellers are finding that their market share is dwindling.

These days, if either one or more of the parents is working from home ( which is often the case during lockdowns), they will require quiet space large open spaces. This is what buyers are beginning to look for these days.

However, due to the previous trend that was downsizing, there are fewer larger homes on the market. Most home sellers still believe that the real estate market in Fridley is still favoring smaller homes. This is a problem many homeowners are now being introduced to, when trying to sell their Fridley homes during coronavirus.


As changes to the rules governing business continue to evolve, it’s imperative to keep on top of the latest developments for your city and state. Some of the difficulties homeowners are facing include multiple delays in closing. As potential buyers face ever-changing challenges which can also cause cancellations, sellers continue to lose deals. Some may even have to start again from scratch, when trying to sell their Fridley homes during corona-virus.


Last but not least, people are facing high levels of stress. This is understandable, since we are all living through a unique time in history. There are many moment to moment changes coming our way, as our government battles to help the country navigate through this trying situation as best as it can.

In most cases, moves are happening due to job loss or hardships from the illness itself, which can be devastating during the best of times. Should there be delays in your home selling, while you are being forced by circumstances to carry out the move, it can mean up to double your usual expenses, or more. Not only this, there are all of the health concerns of how the movers handle your belongings and prepping the property prior to moving your family in. All of this will be required, with no guarantee of a stable closing date. The weight on your shoulders is magnified when trying to sell your Fridley homes during coronavirus. 

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