111. 5 Costs Homeowners Face When Selling With a Saint Paul MN Real Estate Agent

We Buy Houses in Saint Paul MN. Many people automatically opt to sell their houses with a real estate agent, when they decide it’s time to sell, without giving this decision any serious thought. However, this is not a decision you should make lightly. Real estate agents often come with a lot of hassles and added expenses, some of which you may not find out about until after you hire them. So Before you make any major decisions on your preferred sale choice, read on in this blog to learn more about 5 costs homeowners face when selling their houses through a real estate agent.

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Costs Homeowners Face when Selling their Houses with a Real Estate Agent


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Real estate agent commissions are arguably the highest costs homeowners face when selling their houses with a real estate agent in Saint Paul MN. These commissions are based on a percentage of your house’s sale price. Typically, you’ll find them set at no less than 3% per side. As such, this will mean that if you sell your house for $400,000, you will then have to pay $24,000 out of your sale profits, along with the traditional seller’s closing fees. In addition, you may also find yourself owing transaction fees to your agent’s office due to closing costs.

Other Professional Fees

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Professional appraisers and home inspector fees are also found among the most expensive traditional home sale costs that homeowners typically face when selling with a real estate agent. When you use a real estate agent, the first step (when trying to get approval for a mortgage loan) is the property appraisal. This is required in order to make sure that your house meets the terms of the loan agreement that your buyer would have qualified for. Additionally, the buyer’s agent will almost always order an inspection of the property. As the seller in this situation, you will be held responsible for handling the cost of said inspection.


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Word to the wise, depending on the age of your home and its current state of maintenance, it may be wise to have your own inspection performed prior to listing. This will help you take care of any required repairs ahead of time, which will ultimately help you sell your house faster, and for more money.

If the inspector should find something wrong with the property’s structure, or any other issues with the property that may need repair, they will help you may these repairs ahead of time. However, the potential costs can run into the thousands and become yet another expense homeowners face when selling with a real estate agent in Saint Paul MN. Repairs could possibly cost even more than the commission you’ll pay to your real estate agent, so if your property is in particularly bad shape, you should consider selling it directly to FastPath Home Buyers.


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Advertising can be a rather expensive expense when it comes to costs homeowners face when selling with a real estate agent in Saint Paul MN. Marketing a listing typically requires a full array of technology, such as high-quality professional photography, 360 degree video or drone photography. This is usually done so that your listing stands out among your competitors on the MLS. In addition, you can expect staging costs to be another item you will be responsible for, within the advertising budget. All of these expenses could potentially help your house sell faster, when selling with an agent. However, there is never any guarantee.


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After all of this, holding onto a property that won’t sell on the MLS can be the worst cost of them all. This will mean paying expensive monthly holding costs for an indeterminable period of time. Many home-sellers can get to a place where they find their listings stagnating on the market. This is made worse by the fact that they will be required to continue sinking thousands of dollars worth of monthly bills into their old property. If your wondering why this happens, holding costs mainly take place because, sadly, while real estate agents can get busy and set an excellent plan for your home sale, the one thing they cannot do is guarantee when your property will sell, or if it will sell at all. This can lead to your home painfully lingering on the market, which in itself becomes another cost homeowners face when selling with a Saint Paul real estate agent.

Why spend a fortune when there is no guarantee your property will actually be sold by an agent? Instead, sell your house directly to FastPath Home Buyers and avoid all of the expenses homeowners face when selling with a real estate agent in Saint Paul MN. By selling directly to FastPath Home Buyers, you won’t need to worry about commissions, broker fees, paying other professionals, repairs, or advertising!

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