110. What To Do If You Can’t Sell Your House on the MLS in Minneapolis MN

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When a property lingers on the MLS, this can send bad signals to buyers. If your house was in great shape, the average buyer would wonder why it’s been on the market for so long… As such, they will then start to believe that there is something wrong with your listing. Should you find yourself in this predicament, it is very important to identifying and resolving any problem that may be the reason why your property isn’t selling. In this blog, we’ll cover 3 reasons why your property may not be selling on the MLS, and how to resolve them.

Reasons Why your Property isn’t selling on the MLS

Lower Price

We Buy Houses in Minneapolis MN

Reassessing your asking price is one of the main things you can do when your property isn’t selling on the MLS in Minneapolis. If your home is overpriced, this may be the reasons why potential buyers are shying away from your listing.

Setting an asking price that is too high is something that happens to the best of us. After you’ve lived in a property for a long time, the emotional value you may feel could result in you setting an unrealistic price. However, potential buyers won’t be able to appreciate your emotional value… they will simply assess the facts on the ground and expect a price that reflects those facts. As such, when setting your asking price, you should first do your homework. Find similar properties within your area and compare their asking prices to yours. This could help you set a value for your house that is not just realistic, but competitive against those similar properties that you will be competing against for buyer attention.

Staging Your House

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Staging your house for showings is another option that you can consider if your house isn’t selling on the MLS in Minneapolis. Buyers prefer to move into homes that are move-in ready. As such, they will pay more for the comfort of knowing that once they move in, the property will already be in perfect condition and require now extra work. So if your previous strategy was to save money by not staging the property, you might want to rethink that. Taking the time to declutter and beautify your house through staging is a great way to spruce up your property for a buyer. In addition to speeding up your overall sale timeline, staging could even help you get more money at the negotiation table.


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Making necessary repairs is another thing you can do if your property isn’t selling on the MLS in Minneapolis. Selling your house traditionally (by listing it on the MLS) usually requires home sellers to open their wallets and pay for repairs. This could include thousands of dollars in maintenance work of all kinds, depending on what specific problems are discovered by the inspector (which most buyers usually require). To get ahead of this and speed up your sale process on the MLS, you should hire your own inspector then pay for any repairs and upgrades they deem necessary. Most buyers on the MLS will not want to purchase a property that isn’t in peak physical condition. As such, if you haven’t repaired your house, this may be the reason why it isn’t selling in Minneapolis MN.

The Easiest Solution…

What if there was another simpler option that could help you sell your house without requiring you to register it on the MLS? This solution is to sell your house directly to our company, FastPath Home Buyers! If you would rather save your time and money, and skip the stress involved with hiring a real estate agent, FastPath Home Buyers is here to help. We will purchase your house directly. In addition, we‘ll also accept your house in “as-is” condition, so you won’t have to worry about repairs and upgrades.

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