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90. Selling Your House While Divorcing in Rosemount MN

Are you going through a divorce? If so, you’ll likely already know that divorce proceedings can be particularly difficult if you previously shared a house with your Ex-spouse. This is because while everything else may be easy to split up, figuring out what will happen to a house after a divorce is much harder. Unlike … Continued

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86. Is Hiring An Agent in Saint Paul MN REALLY Worth It?

For many people, when they think about selling their houses, the first option they consider is to look around for a local agent and sell their house traditionally. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hiring a real estate agent who’ll find a good retail buyer for you on the open market can actually be … Continued

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83. How To Price Your Inherited Home In New Hope MN For Sale

Did you know that the way you price your house could mean the difference between it sitting on the real estate market for months on end or being purchased within a few weeks? Well, if you didn’t, this is actually quite true. And it’s especially important to consider for those who’ve recently inherited a house … Continued

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82. Can I Sell A Private Mortgage In Apple Valley MN?

There has never been a better time to sell a private mortgage note or a promissory note in Apple Valley MN than now. As such, if you’re wondering whether it would be possible for you to hop onto the bandwagon and sell your mortgage note fast, the answer is actually quite simple. Yes! You absolutely … Continued