62. How to Sell Your Burnsville MN House Even if You are Behind on Your Mortgage

How to Sell Your Burnsville MN House Even if You are Behind on Your Mortgage Image

Behind on your mortgage? If so, this may be very stressful for you and your family, both emotionally and financially. However, when you’re facing this situation, it is important not to get overwhelmed. You should understand that you’re not alone; there are many other families that are finding themselves in this predicament these days. However, not all of those families end up evicted from their property and with a foreclosure staining their financial records. As such, there are certainly some key solutions you can turn to in order to solve your problems.

Foreclosure can impact your life quite significantly. From ruining your credit to putting your family’s future at risk by jeopardizing your ability to secure employment or housing, it can cause serious damage. Because of this, if you’re currently facing the threat of foreclosure and have already received your notice of default, one of the best solutions you could turn to is to sell your house.

In this blog, we are going to explore how to sell your house in Burnsville MN, even if you are behind on your mortgage loans. So if you’d like to sell your house during foreclosure, we’ve got you covered.

Tips For Selling Your House in Burnsville MN To Avoid Foreclosure

Here are the top tips and tricks you should consider when selling your house in order to avoid foreclosure in Burnsville MN.

Tip 1: Don’t Delay When Selling Your House to Avoid Foreclosure

Image of a clock that represents how homeowners should avoid delays when selling their houses to avoid foreclosure in Burnsville MN

Should you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate. This is particularly important if your lender has started communicating that foreclosure is on the horizon. In this situation, selling your house quickly may be the best option.

So if you’ve decided to sell, talk to your lender and let them know the steps you are taking. Keeping open lines of communication is very important. This will help you avoid making errors or the terrible repercussions that can come from bad communication (such as your lender proceeding with the foreclosure process).

As you proceed with the sale, ensure that you remain well educated on what exactly you are doing and how it can help you. Don’t fool yourself by believing that any sale will mean you will be free of your financial obligations to the lender. In most cases, if your sale proceeds are not enough to cover the remaining debt, there are deficiency judgments. This is where the lender is still legally owed any remaining debt on your mortgage note after the lender receives the foreclosure sale proceeds.

Tip 2: Consider Listing Your Property FSBO To Avoid Foreclosure

Image of a woman who's selling her house via an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listing in order to avoid foreclosure in Burnsville MN

On the surface, choosing to sell your Burnsville MN house by yourself when you are behind on your mortgage payments may appear to be a money-saving solution. However, this decision could actually make your situation a whole lot worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. When selling a house in Burnsville, there is a tremendous deal of paperwork and multiple deadlines that you’ll have to meet. Failure in any of these things could set your sale back by months, and result in your home getting foreclosed.

Another difficult problem you may face, when you sell your house by yourself, will be pricing your home realistically and competitively. Sellers often add unrealistic value to their properties based on emotional attachment. If you truly want to sell your house for top dollar, you should prepare for a financial outlay of up to thousands. These steep expenses will be important for drawing retail buyers (buyers who will pay above market value). Should you successfully sell the house, you also need to understand that there are legal risks involved. Any major repairs discovered after closing, even if previously unknown, could be potential lawsuits.

Tip 3: Sell Your House With a Real Estate Agent To Avoid Foreclosure

Image of a couple who've hired a real estate agent to sell their house in order to avoid foreclosure in Burnsville MN

Listing with an agent is another way to sell your Burnsville house, even if you can’t pay your mortgage. Unless your property is in mint condition, repairs, renovations, and upgrades may be required. Real estate agents will also include an intensive marketing strategy at your expense. This will require you to pay staging costs, pay for ad space on online platforms, hire professional photographers and so much more. In addition to these expenses, you will also be paying commissions and closing costs. When already struggling to stay afloat, their demands may sink you financially before your home ever sells. Remember, in traditional listings, you have no guarantee of when, or even if, your home will sell...

Or Sell Your House Directly To FastPath Home Buyers

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As a home seller in Burnsville MN who is behind on their mortgage, selling directly maybe your best option. It is important to consider the advantages of working with a direct buyer, especially when you have debt looming over your head, and you’re getting closer to the deadline of foreclosure every day. Here are some benefits of selling directly to FastPath Home Buyers:

  • No Commissions, Fees or Expenses
  • No Repairs of cleaning
  • We close Fast (typically in 7 days)
  • We provide you with the highest possible offer

The best way to sell your Burnsville house is to FastPath Home Buyers, even if you are behind on your mortgage! Unlike traditional listings, you will have a guaranteed sale and a quick closing date you can rely on to avoid foreclosure. To learn more, send us a message or call (612) 351-2384 at any time!

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